How It Works

How the andi system works

andi be free® wireless chargers hold and charge smartphones of any brand in an upright position. To achieve an upright hold, a magnetic connection between the charger and smartphone must be made. Then charging will begin automatically.

Magnetic connection is achieved in two ways:
1.) using an andi be free® case for your phone, or
2.) by adhering an andi Sticky-Pad to any phone case.  

If using an andi be free® phone case, no Sticky-Pad attachment is required.

If you do not use an andi case, you must attach the Sticky-Pad directly to the smartphone or to the back of a non-andi phone case to use our wireless chargers.

When using the andi wireless chargers, the Sticky-Pad and charger must have direct contact. Therefore we recommend attachment to the outside of a case. If you do not use a case, you may attach directly to the back of your phone. 

Magnetic connection

How to attach the Sticky-Pad
1. First, clean the surface of the case so that no dirt or debris can inhibit the Sticky-Pad attachment.
2. With the measuring guide included with your charger, line up the top and bottom edges of your smartphone, ensuring that the number on the top is the same as the number on the bottom. Do the same on the left and right sides.

3. Next, remove the backing from the Sticky-Pad and attach it in the center of the measuring guide, ensuring the lettering is horizontal. Press down, ensuring no air pockets exist.

4. Your phone is now andi be free® ready!